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Is your Site Mobile Friendly?


Google Likes It

The mobile web is hugely popular. As such, Google appreciates decent mobile web design. If your viewers constantly need to zoom in and out to read content and click on icons, this is going to affect the way that Google lists your website. If search engine crawlers find an immaculately displayed web page, on the other hand, all the better for your search ranking. Be sure to follow our mobile web design checklist to ensure that your website isn’t suffering due to inadequate design.

How To Ensure Effective Responsive Design

There are many guiding principles when developing a responsive internet site, but your number one concern should be for your website's guests.

  1. Ensure that every element of each page of your site is a pleasurable experience for your visitors.
  2. All content should be a suitable size for reading, and all icons should be scaled for use with finger and thumb.
  3. Always aim for functionality. If you can add any unique elements to make your website better, then do. But beware of using gimmicks which make your website more difficult to use.


WPO or web page performance tracks how quickly (or slowly) a web page can download to a user's browser. By analysing WPO, we can improve the performance of pages by speeding up load times.

Online traffic is fickle, and if a visitor spends more than a handful of seconds to try to enter your website for the first time, the chances are that they’ll have a bad first impression. Faster loading times have been associated with a greater level of repeat visits, as well as remaining on your website for a longer average time.

Better Websites

With mobile technology seeing innovations every week, it has never been more prudent to invest in reliable mobile website design. New devices with different screen resolutions mean that without the investment now, your potential incoming traffic will dwindle.

By improving your approach to doing business online by including mobile design you will also see growth in traffic overall. This is because mobile visitors in the day turn into laptop or PC users in the evening, as such, investing in mobile design will have a snowball effect on the way that you do business online.

Have more inquiries with respect to making your site Mobile Friendly? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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