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The ability of mobile website designs to attract more views

Posted on October 13, 2017 by John

A good mobile website design is more likely to attract more viewers and potential customers. Appearance gives them the first impression about the company’s standards and objectives. Attracting more views play a significant role in promoting and advertising the business. It leads to further sales and positive conversion rates.

Effective mobile website designs have the ability to lure more people to the site. Appropriate custom design, unique layout, eye-catching slogans, informational content, and proper headings are some ways to make the mobile website even more interesting. Mobile website designs can get more viewers if it performs its task correctly, meaning all buttons are functional and all links operate properly. It is also likely to achieve a higher popularity rate once it successfully fits the original website design to various devices with differentiating shapes and sizes.

The rise in popularity of mobile hand-held phones has forced marketers, designers, and developers to consider the functionality of website pages on smaller screens. Business owners saw this demand as an opportunity to market their products and services to consumers. They deemed this as an opportunity for their business to create a positive impression to prospects.

Mobile website designs seem to be more attractive when they are turned minimalistic, meaning they are decluttered with unimportant designs while vital information and content are retained and highlighted. Viewers and customers are likely to navigate further if they are presented with a positive browsing experience.

Designers believe that the key to attracting more views lies in the engagement of users to the website. Therefore, easy accessibility, functionality, and the ability to be user-friendly remains to be the key aspects to producing positive viewer feedback. Mobile websites can attract potential consumers with basic designs and layout. Unsophisticated color palettes paired with excellent photography can be eye-catching for browsing users. It has the power to present the importance of products rather than the elements within the site.

Easily navigable pages are deemed as the most effective aspect of mobile website designing. Users are keener to go through pages which are responsive and with minimal load times. They also find it significantly attractive when mobile website designs are focused on providing easier access and let products and services stand out.

Why You Need Mobile Website Design

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Inna Blitshtein

Welcome to the DCM Mogul blog where we like to discuss all things SEO. In this week’s post, we’d like to focus some attention on the all important task of creating mobile website design. The significance of the mobile web has never been greater in terms of determining online success than now, and this means building a mobile site is absolutely essential for doing business online. seo2

Around half of all online traffic is now made up by mobile users. The consequence of this is relatively small if your website is mobile ready, however, if it isn’t then the consequences can be grave. When competing in any industry or with any business, you’ll be working hard to offer your customer as much as you can. By operating online without a mobile ready site you’ll be giving yourself unnecessary challenges, trying to compete with only around half the possible audience pool.

Your reputation is also at stake if your website is not mobile ready. Let me explain. Each time a mobile user clicks on a link to a page of your website, instead of accessing your site as normal, instead they will see only a limited and highly disorganized version of your site. Buttons will be difficult or impossible to click on, all of your normal format will be jumbled, and in general, it will be painful to browse your site.

For today’s audience there is no time for messing around on websites that haven’t kept up to date, and as such, they are likely to leave your site with a negative connotation of your business.

Expand your potential
Last but not least, by developing a mobile website you will not only add an entirely new dimension to your business, you’ll also be expanding your potential in the long-term. Your mobile or responsive design will be a one off cost that adds crucial infrastructure to your business which will evolve and grow as the years go by.

3 Key Social Bookmarking Tips

Posted on October 8, 2017 by Inna Blitshtein


One of the most tried and tested of all SEO methods, social bookmarking has evolved over time while retaining its core role. Social bookmarking offers enormous potential for online businesses to promote their site, simply and cost-effectively.

Social bookmarking is much like when you bookmark a page to return to later, the difference is that social bookmarking is open to a wide network of people. Examples of some of the most prominent social bookmarking sites include Reddit.

When posting links to social bookmarking sites you will select relevant keywords, as well as some small anchor text. There’s no limit in theory to how many links you may post or how many sites you can use, but below we offer a few guiding principles for going about the task. seo3

Tip 1: Take things slow
While there are no strict limits on how many social bookmarks you can post, experience shows that posting too many links gives off a negative impression of being desperate for clicks. Instead, you should focus on a few of the most relevant social bookmark sites, and limit yourself to a handful of links each time you post.

Tip 2: Diversify
Rather than choosing one bookmark site and using as your go-to, it’s important to experiment with different sites. Each bookmark site will have its own community and some websites will work better on one than the next. By utilizing sites that you know always work well for you, but also by trying out new sites, you’ll be able to save time and increase clicks and discover the best way to do things for your business.

Tip 3: Original Keywords and Anchor Text
Rather than always using the exact same format when posting, try out different formats and keywords to see what works best for you. Equally, use original content in your anchor text to distinguish you from the competition.

How to build an effective mobile website design

Posted on October 8, 2017 by John

The turn of the century has seen a shift in mobile technology features. Most people nowadays are enticed with more portable devices which can be carried by hand everywhere they go. The fast-paced world we live in has encouraged most internet users to rely on hand-held devices and move away from huge types of machinery such as desktop computers.

Most of these computers are now only found in offices, libraries, and homes. Meanwhile, portable devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops have gained demand over the years. Therefore, a number of online websites are now designed to fit on mobile screens. Each one possesses a layout which can easily be converted to smaller screens so that it would be easier to navigate the pages even if users are using different changing devices.

An effective mobile website design still holds the same layout across various devices. It is tailor-made to fit numerous differentiating sizes. It focuses on visitor experience; therefore, it presents a unique and creative platform for viewers to appreciate. An effective mobile design does not only consider the screen size and page design, rather it also gives significant importance to quality content and page responsiveness. Page responsiveness includes the site’s load time as well as easy navigation links and buttons.

The design of the mobile website should not only cover uniqueness and creativity, but it must also take note that readability is one key aspect of customer understanding. It follows that all mobile designs should have colors that are contrasting in order to make texts more readable. All designs, borders, and images should also complement one another to successfully present a wholly unified piece of art.

Designs must also depict what the business is all about. It should be able to speak for itself without needing any explanation. An effective mobile design has the power to entice consumers to learn more about the company, and in turn, it can also lead to possible conversion rates and positive sales.

Effective mobile website designs are fitted perfectly for smaller devices and its buttons are made bigger for users to be able to tap it easily with fingers. Most gallantly designed websites are turned into a more minimalistic one when converted for portable devices. It is decluttered so that it won’t look crowded or over-designed in smaller hand-held phones. An effective mobile web design is something that works well on all devices.

Top SEO Design Tips

Posted on October 3, 2017 by Inna Blitshtein


If you’re in search of top SEO design tips then look no further. Here we’ll offer some useful tips for beginners looking to design a website as well as for those of you looking to improve your existing site.

When it comes to website design, never underestimate the power of simplicity. Look on any big name website and you’re unlikely to find a cat paw as a cursor, or bright flashing images plastered on each and every page. These techniques may have worked in the early days of the web, but things have become far more sophisticated since then. seo4

A clear and simple web design will benefit by foregrounding your content, offering a neutral and inoffensive background, and will considerably speed up loading times on your site.

Neutral Colour Schemes
Somewhat related to our previous point, make use of neutral, tonal colour schemes around your site and avoid bright and gaudy colours. These can make reading text difficult and even give some readers a headache.

Embrace your Branding
Treat your web pages as if they were physical space. You wouldn’t open a shop or restaurant without visible branding, so don’t do it on your website. Be sure to make use of the colours found in your corporate logo and ensure that a visible logo can be found at the top of each page of your site.

Save Space
When it comes to layout be sure to make the best use of all your space. This plays a role on your website, but especially when it comes to browsing on a mobile device. Beyond format and layout there are also some really interesting and innovative new ways of saving space, especially drop down menus and menus that only appear when the mouse hovers over a certain section of the screen.

How social bookmarking can promote business sites

Posted on October 3, 2017 by John

Social Bookmarking is sometimes referred to as collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing, and tagging. It is known as these terms because it is used for storing, organizing, searching, and managing bookmarks within the online platform. Social bookmarking is used for better collection and categorization of data. It provides an easy access to all links, content, and pages saved within the web.

Social Bookmarking is a process used by the public. It is process wherein all tagged and collected data will be available for all internet users. It is generally used by anyone, but the focus of social bookmarking is to utilize business to business information, or business to consumer information. People can benefit from all these data because they no longer have to traverse the wide sphere of the search engine to accumulate information they wish to find. Social bookmarking is not only good for a promising organization but it also proves to be beneficial for promoting online websites.

Being listed in social bookmarking sites reap various advantages which include online popularity and visibility. Pages under social bookmarking sites get to have an increased quality traffic as these links immediately pop up on search engines once keywords of topics are entered. Social Bookmarking sites work in collaboration with one another, therefore pages that are featured on one social bookmarking website may have higher chances of being mentioned or tagged in others.

Social Bookmarking sites give businesses the best opportunity to promote their company because these sites are often visited by most of the internet users, which is typically the youth or millennial. Social bookmarking helps businesses in so many ways unimaginable. It can promote businesses by building relevant incoming links, drawing visitors, new clients, and customers, and helping businesses interact with one another.

Social Bookmarking effectively promotes business sites because it allows blog posts to be indexed quickly, therefore increasing web traffic. Its effects to the news site and blog publishers are significant because social bookmarking has the ability to introduce different web pages to potential consumers by targeting their taste and interest. Human-generated bookmarks can effectively raise the relevance and popularity of a particular site. Therefore, social bookmarking leads the way in search engine results.

Expert SEO Advice for Selling Online

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Inna Blitshtein

This post is dedicated to search engine optimisation, particularly how expert SEO can inform how we sell online.

The Internet and the mobile web have exploded over the past couple of decades to completely change the landscape of business, including retail, and pretty much any other type of service you can think of. Still, nothing is static when it comes to doing business online, and new innovations are constantly driving new businesses and offering opportunities for existing ones.

Below we’ll be spelling out a few expert SEO tips for running a successful online store. seo5

Clear web design
Though the temptation might be to offer an elaborate design, a little research should show that even the biggest and the best tend to keep things as simple as possible.

A clean and simple design offers many benefits, especially for allowing the spotlight to fall on what’s important, your content. Bright and flashy design can lead the viewer’s eye away from your content, on the other hand, and distract from what you’re really trying to show or tell your reader.

Another reason that a more simplistic design can pay dividends is that it can help with page loading speeds.

Reliable E-Commerce platform
Our second expert tip is to invest in a decent, reliable, and comprehensive e-commerce platform. By making the process of picking and paying for items as easy as possible you’ll ensure that you aren’t missing any sales. On the other hand, if customers struggle to make payments on your website, they’ll be considerably less likely to return.

Custom blog creation
Last but not least, try out custom blog creation for your site. Setting up, running, and managing a blog is simple, easy, and cost-effective. Plus it will play a supporting role in making sales.

Using a blog on your site can attract new visitors, demonstrate your expertise, and even create a community around your brand, all of which cannot be underestimated in terms of helping to build sales.

Importance of social bookmarking for proper data collection

Posted on September 28, 2017 by John

Social bookmarking refers to the process of tagging a web page so that it can easily be accessed later. Organization and proper data collection are the keys to effective online management. The proper act of bookmarking pages, links, websites, and other content may help businesses to function efficiently. However, social bookmarking is different from the traditional technique of saving of pages on a web browser. Rather, it allows all links to be saved on the web itself so that all online bookmarks can easily be accessed through different devices as long as they have an internet connection.

Social Bookmarking sites allow people to navigate through links and pages that their friends found interesting enough to tag. These sites allow them to browse through most popular and recently added items. Social bookmarking is the way of the future. It is an effective way to collect, segregate, and categorize data accordingly. It is a valuable tool for most busy business owners because it gives them easy access to all links and pages they wish to view or study over a number of days. Social Bookmarking sites have already grown to popularity in the present day. Its demand grew over time because most people are now shifting from one device to another while still wishing to access the same data they saved.

Social Bookmarking has become a fast-growing process in the internet world and it has seen such increasing demand ever since. It benefits people who don’t have the luxury of time to go over search engines for specific things they want to see. Social bookmarking sites directly present what users are looking for. It saves them the time to navigate the search engine to find that needle in the haystack. These sites also show the most recent items on top of the search results page and present all relevant supporting documents within the bottom.

This process has been useful in terms of data management and collection. Social Bookmarking has proven to be effective in bringing better productivity to online businesses. Research reveals that the increase in productivity is brought about by the easy accessibility of relevant information.

Beginners top tips from SEO Specialists

Posted on September 23, 2017 by Inna Blitshtein

Welcome to our weekly blog post! Here we’ll be taking a brief look at some of the most important tips for beginners, straight from our SEO specialists. SEO or search engine optimisation refers to any and all methods used by yourself, SEO specialists, or other web developers in order to improve your business prospects online, especially when it comes to boosting your website in search engine rankings.

Get keywords right
From the dawn of the internet, keywords have been the backbone to how search engines register, rank, and index websites and web pages. Though in many respects the way that keywords work remains similar, there have been some changes over the years to block keyword stuffing, and indeed, today, a more nuanced approach to keywords works best. seo6

Perhaps the most important thing to focus on in order to improve your keyword game is research. Using Google Adwords or other expert keyword tools will not only help to suggest the best keywords for each page of your website but can also help you to analyze how effective these changes have been.  

Simple design
Though it might be tempting to add every design element imaginable to your website, we would recommend that you refrain from adding anything that you don’t need for your website to function effectively. There are two main reasons for this, firstly to help with page loading speeds, and secondly, because a messy website is simply less attractive to the eye.

Focus on speed
Whatever your website might be about, all websites have a need for speed in common. We’ve become used to browsing the web at break neck speeds, and any website which seems to falter and have trouble loading is less likely to be competitive in today’s market.

Content is key
Last but not least, always remember that content is key. The many nuances of SEO might be less noticeable to your average viewer than to us, but your content certainly will not be. Though there are plenty of things that can either help or harm your site in terms of SEO, quality content cannot be replaced.


Skills that every SEO expert should take into consideration

Posted on September 23, 2017 by John

SEO experts have recently emerged to popularity as the rise of search engines, like Google, made its way to the internet world. They are hired by companies to design, develop, and promote high-quality websites. SEO experts have been in constant training and education to be in line with the fast-changing pace of modern technology and its market. SEO experts need to possess specific skills in order to function efficiently for business companies. They should consider being flexible in terms of handling technical issues and business demands. Experts must be adept at dealing with interested consumers and the preferred market.

SEO experts should consider growing patience in understanding how the online market revolves and to be inquisitive enough to bring the business in line with other top-rating websites. They should be skillful in driving inbound traffic and use various methods in order to fulfill the client’s goal. In line with this, SEO experts serve as the trusted managers of online web pages, therefore they should also consider protecting all personal information provided by their clients.

SEO experts need to be skillful with processes and knowledge involving website analysis, keyword optimization, content generation, search engine parameters, client management, and analytical processing. They should be able to effectively establish marketing plans to improve search optimization. Experts need to be knowledgeable on analyzing and redesigning a website depending on the demand of the online market. They must ensure that all keywords used in the website hold textual, informational, and graphical content which can improve the site’s online visibility.

SEO experts need to develop a sense of urgency to lead their clients to success by putting their best feet forward in terms of producing and designing campaign ads for better marketing. Experts need to be keen enough to discover numerous ways to bring quality traffic. Therefore, these experts must possess a strong background in HTML and other programming languages that are used in operating systems and hardware platforms.

Finally, they have to consider being client-obsessed by maintaining a working knowledge of their client’s business. This knowledge will eventually help them to promote the company and its objectives. Knowing the business further will give SEO experts the power to analyze its problems, and this will allow them to develop appropriate solutions to ongoing issues.