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Here at DCM Moguls we offer a wide range of organic SEO and internet marketing services.

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DCM is a Nationwide Local SEO Company Specializing in Business Consulting & Website Design Services.


Here at Dot Com Media Moguls, we specialize in full-spectrum Local SEO Marketing and Online Business Consulting Nationwide. We take the time to understand your business’s needs and our in-house technicians work hand in hand with our design staff, customizing a marketing strategy built specifically for you. We will also assist you with website maintenance. Technology comes first at DCM; it allows us to offer your business suggested enhancements and the implementation of new technology. DCM Moguls will implement key features within your website that will allow you to track your client rankings, making your businesses progression transparent and easy to follow. You will be able to monitor and grow your business faster while knowing exactly where and how potential clients find you. This is key to your Online Marketing success. DCM, utilizing the most sophisticated techniques, sets itself apart by taking a full-scale tech approach to your SEM needs. We tap into all areas of Online Marketing, including Local SEO, Responsive and Mobile Website developments, Social Media and Video SEO, Reputation Management just to name a few. We also provide an interactive service called Webpage Speed Optimization. This allows us to ensure that our client’s websites load and launch much faster than their competitors. It is also an important feature of improving your sites bounce ratio and retaining a site visitor long enough for them to select your business for their needs. We also specialize in Responsive Website Design, Mobile Website Development, and Marketing, Video Production and Distribution, Reputation Management as well as monthly Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn).

We do not just design an aesthetically pleasing website for you and leave customer traffic to chance. We make sure that your potential customers and clients see your website and continue to come back. How do we do this? Well let’s face it WE ARE GEEKS and we are proud of when our GEEKS Technicians jump on the project, they develop on page coding to the best possible ratios to target top 10 rankings for our clients. We can honestly say that on page coding development and off site Organic SEO implementation is the key to our and your success! We analyze your businesses website, your top online competitors, and how new customers are locating your competitors. We then build a targeted marketing campaign, specifically designed for your business, and customized to get you the exposure you need! Our in-house website designers, coding specialists, link builders, and content writers make sure your site is optimized for the search engines and loaded with quality content. We also make sure your site is visually interactive and attractive. We build value into your website, not only to those who are doing business with you, but to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the search engine giants!

As one of the biggest Organic Local SEO and Business Consulting Companies in the USA, we have secured high rankings and positions for all of our clients, 90% of whom still hold those positions, even after significant changes to the Google algorithm in early 2011, 2012, and 2013. Our experience and tenure have allowed us to identify what works and what doesn’t, and we have not strayed from that formula.

Dot Com Media Marketing’s Team of Local SEO and Website Marketing Experts Include:

  • SEO Consultants

    8 Senior Consultants

  • SEO Copywriters

    12 SEO Copywriters

  • Web Designers

    5 Web Designers

  • Social Media Specialists

    4 Social Media Specialists

  • PPC Experts

    4 PPC Experts



Search Engine Optimization companies have become the new Starbucks. There is one on every corner. You may ask yourself why? Well, there has been a paradigm shift in marketing. Your potential clients no longer look at billboards or sift through the Yellow Pages. They hit the search engines.

So, why are there so many SEO companies now? Easy. It is where the money is. See, the solicitation calls you receive daily from SEO companies are made by starving marketing executives. They sold billboards, they sold radio advertisements, guess what… They do not work anymore. So, these marketing executives have had to reinvent themselves, they have had to jump shift. THIS IS WHERE we find the problem. The majority of people who call you about SEO are SALES reps, they are NOT Programmers or Technical Reps.

If you get sick, you do see a Doctor. If your tooth hurts, you go to the Dentist. If you get into a car accident, you retain a Personal Injury Attorney. If you want to dominate the internet and Google, you NEED a Tech Geek. Simple. The issue is that most Law Firms, most Doctors, most Business Owners get sold a “song and dance” pitch from VERY good Account Executives. They may be amazing sales people, BUT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND the technology behind SEO.

DCM is a nationally recognized technology firm. Our programmers and coders have decades of experience. We truly understand the technical requirements that are necessary to get you the results that you desire. We are the “Geeks That Get Results”.

Our Clients Love Us

Our Clients Love Us

DCM is a fully fledged tech firm. SEO is just a small part of what we do, and because of that, we excel in it. You may ask yourself how we can provide such targeted results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, in very basic terms, making the content and information within your website easily read by the search engines. The problem that most businesses run into is that they go with a firm who claims to be an SEO Provider. SEO is a small sliver of the pie when it comes to obtaining business through the search engines.

DCM has a wide array of services. We take time with each one of clients. Our job is to help brand your online presence. When you work with DCM, we treat YOUR business like it is OUR business. Watch this video, this is just one of our happy customers. One that had tried for years to get placements. He had worked with countless SEO Firms, all with no success. That is, until he worked with a TECH Firm. He needed a Geek to get him results.



Knowledge is power. As a business owner, you have put your heart, soul, time, and money into your firm. You went to school, took continuing education. You have honed your skills over the years, to become a “Jedi Master” of your trade. Guess what… so has DCM.

In order to properly market your business on the search engines, you need a Tech Rep. You need a Geek. Building a proper website, designing a site that portrays your goods and services in a fashionable and enticing manor takes a lot of skill. Once your site, your logo, your concept is finished it needs to be coded and optimized. Enter a certified programmer. We are not done just yet. Then your site needs to be tracked, your competition analyzed, your keywords need to be monitored. The majority of SEO companies cannot do this because they do not house an in house technical staff. They OUTSOURCE everything to the lowest bidder, and essentially “broker” out your file.

DCM is different. Our Geeks are real! You can pick up the phone and talk to them. Better than that, all of our Designers, Programmers, Coders, Analysts, and Account Reps are DOMESTIC. DCM does not outsource anything. We take pride in our technology.

If you want to dominate the search engines, and you want to do this right the first time, you need to work with a tech firm. Understanding the world of online marketing can become overwhelming from a technical standpoint. A sales rep who speaks well does not have the knowledge and knowhow to get it done. The DCM difference lies within our technology.

Lights, Camera, Action


Branding. Branding. Branding. We cannot say it enough. If you want to get more clients through the search engines, you need to BRAND your business as the best option for a potential client. DCM has been assisting Law Firms, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Chiropractor, and Business Owners for almost two decades with their online marketing needs. We know how to brand you.

The first page of Google has about 11 slots. So, how are you going to shine brighter than the rest of the businesses offering the same services, the same products that you do? How are you going to drive traffic to your business over a competitor of yours? It is all about BRANDING. DCM understands what it takes to make place your business head and shoulders above your direct competitor’s. From website to design to social media marketing, DCM knows what it takes to get your business recognized as a top provider of your services.

DCM has a full in house design department. From Website Development to Hollywood Style Marketing Videos, DCM is your branding partner. The more you shine, the more we shine. We care about your business the same way you do. In the end, you success is a direct reflection upon our work. We aim to please and we go above and beyond so that you can stand out in the crowd. Put on your best pair of shoes, smile big, and get ready for your close up. DCM is going to make your business a superstar online.

Our Website Marketing Customers Testimonials

  • John Claude Musser

    Before choosing DCM Moguls I was lucky if I was getting 2 hits a day from organic traffic on Google, Yahoo and Bing . was targeting my site with about 25 different keywords. All of the keywords they were trying to optimize had no rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing prior to their work has begun! Now all of my keywords are ranked: 2 in the top 10, 4 in the top 30 and the rest in the top 50. Now I’m getting 35-40 hits a day on nearly 40 different keywords! They provided plenty of detailed reports letting you know exactly how your keywords have changed since the last update. I’m really happy with their results and communication.

    John Claude Musser
    Marketing Manager Advance 4 Merchants INC
  • Kelly Gamble

    Hello Lana, I’m really sorry that we missed your call. Thanks to you guys we are super busy.You have changed our practice for the best and made it possible for new clients to find us. Thanks a million!

    Kelly Gamble
    Law Office of Kelly Gamble
  • Olga Krichevskiy

    This is our 5th season working with and must say we are very satisfied with their team’s goals and efforts. It’s noticeable how much our traffic has increased since we started the last project, as well as rankings – in a few days we passed from a second page position to top 5 under our 3 major keyword phrases. Their technicians very helpful and their customer service team provide easy and fast communication for questions, suggestions and requests. Definitely recommend and look forward to keep working with them for the next 10 years, Thanks

    Olga Krichevskiy
    Marketing Manager Dental Office of West Hollywood
  • John Koschek

    We have enjoyed working with Dot Com Media Moguls. They have been quick to respond to our needs, and they have provided us with excellent customer service and one of the best local marketing services. We have been enjoying First page on Google, Yahoo and Bing for our Landing page for the past 2 years and dominating the local market in Los Angeles the second biggest city in USA . They are very user friendly and my Local campaigns, including Mobile and Social, have been and still are very successful. Thank you guys as I have recommended you to many of my clients and still will be doing it.

    John Koschek
    CEO at Ink Printer Cartridges
  • Circle of Help

    I would like to say thanks to Dot Com Media Moguls for all of your help with our Social Media Marketing, Mobile Development, and Local Marketing and because of your efforts we are one of the biggest LA based Drug Rehab Outpatient Centers and proud of it. We do get leads from Internet and Mobile Website and people talk about us on Social Media websites as well. Again thanks for this local Buzz you have been giving us. We are looking forward for a long business relationship.

    Adrianna Markovich
    Marketing Manager at Circle of Help

So, how does this all work? SIMPLE! Check out our 3 step process


1. Website Analysis:

Our Reps will run an analysis on your site. We will identify issues with the way your site is programed. We will also take a look at your top competitors online. We will also look at your site from a visual standpoint. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by its cover. DCM has a full in-house design department specializing in graphics and website development.


2. Program, Program, Program:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO IT’S SUPER GEEK! Look out. This is the really nerdy part. DCM loves technology. We have some of the best in house tech reps in the business. Now that your site is beautiful, it is time to let the world see it. Our Programmers take over and work around the clock to get your site on the first page of the search engines.


3. Show Me The Money:

Your site is beautiful. You’re on the first page of the search engines. GREAT! Now what? This is where most other SEO companies FAIL. Now it’s time to PUSH and market the site! Our in house advertising executives are constantly analyzing the market. DCM is always on the forefront of technology and what is working from an online marketing standpoint. Now it is time to get the phones ringing and the clients coming in. DCM is your branding partner. We have Press Release Packages, Social Media Packages, Video Marketing Campaigns, Banner Ad Programs, and a full App Development Team. DCM offers your business to opportunity to have a full scale tech and marketing firm at your fingertips. Our goal is simple. To show you the money.

Just because you get to the first page today doesn’t mean you will ne there tomorrow. See, programing a website is kind of like playing a video game. Your competitors are trying to get to the first page two. That is where the money is! DCM has the technological capabilities to get your website to outrank your competitors. When you do this, you are tapping DIRECTLY into clients that would potentially use your competitors instead of you. So in essence, you’re pulling money away from your business and driving into your business. They won’t just sit by and let this happen.

This is why DCM maintains your website and your online presence twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We monitor your website, your placements, and we watch to see if any of your competitors are gaining traction. Your website is such an essential part of your business. It is who you are and what you do. The world is online. Your website, and the way that potential clients view your website online, is how they will perceive you and your business. Knock their socks off. DCM, we are the “Geeks That Get Results”.

  • TOP NOTCH Mobile Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Google Places

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